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About Me

My spiritual journey started over 20 years ago and is constantly deepening.  I love realizing new understandings and awakenings inside of me through chakra awareness, laughter yoga, meditation and the tarot. Through my own emotional process, I have learned that compassion, sensitivity, trust and self-love are often what create the safest space for transformation and growth. 

As I become more and more in tune with my inner voice, the world around me becomes safer, brighter, easier and more in harmony with my rhythm.

My Approach

I am inspired to help individuals bridge the gap from the realities of everyday life (which can sometimes feel mundane or difficult) to a broader, more expansive experience. This helps connect us to the rich spiritual presence surrounding us and supporting us all the time.

My Purpose

It is meaningful for me to support others as they learn to relate and care for themselves through a range of emotions, whatever they may be.

I love witnessing others coming alive, whether it be through individual or group work, and discovering their colorful inner world that is longing for attention and change.

My Personal Journey

My own personal journey through my chakra map goes on guiding me to be the most authentic version of myself.  The benefit of approaching self-help work through the psychology of the chakras is that it is always truthful. Even if I do not like or fully understand what my energetic system is telling me, I can trust that it is shining light for me exactly where I need to look. My chakra system delivers to me exactly what I am ready to hear, to see and to feel in order to move through my life with maturity, compassion, sensitivity and a clearer consciousness. 



Energy Counseling Training & Meditation Facilitator Training ~  
Institute for Inner Alchemy led by Ma Prem Sugandho ~ 2013-14 ~ Czech Republic

Laughter Yoga Leader ~ Dr. Madan Kataria’s School of Laughter Yoga  ~ 2012 ~ India

Apprentice & Main Assistant to Ma Prem Sugandho, Senior Chakra Alchemist ~ 2010 until the present
~ Israel & Europe

Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Harassment in Organizations ~ June 2019 ~ Israel

Ho’oponopono Mantra Healing Technique ~ Dr. Hew Len and Dr. Joe Vitale ~ Online Course ~ 2020

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