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Ho’oponopono is a traditional healing mantra and problem-solving technique deriving from ancient Hawaii.  This spiritual practice supports us to accept total responsibility for everything that surrounds us and to “cleanse” our memory from the burdens we carry.  It is a deep process of confession, forgiveness, repentance and reconciliation for ourselves and all of our relations.  

  • Accept total responsibility for your experience free of judgement, blame and shame.

  • Benefit from the vibrations of this powerful mantra.

  • Ask for forgiveness and reconciliation toward yourself and others (even if they are not physically present).

  • Clean your memory from heavy and destructive burdens.

Healing Touch

Tarla Healing touch.jpg
Healing Touch

Often we long for simple touch; a loving, present, and sensitive touch can make all the difference.   I created this type of session as I heard more and more of my clients sharing about their deep-rooted need for touch.  Touch is as crucial to our survival as fresh air.   The type of touch I am offering is to help relax, calm and heal the physical and energetic bodies through what I call “healing touch.”  It may be soft or firm and I can focus on one area that longs for attention or the whole body.  This touch corresponds to our chakra centers and our aura.   Please note that it is not a massage, because I am not using a specific technique for muscle relaxation and/or tissue healing. 

  • Receive a much-needed loving touch for your physical and energetic bodies.

  • Relax, calm and heal yourself without any effort.

  • Fulfill your longing for sensitive, fulfilling and nourishing touch.

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