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Alchemy of Love: The Heart Space

We talk about love everywhere and all the time… in books, in movies, most of the greatest songs are written about matters of the heart.  The question is: do we also experience this love?  Do we taste the sweet essence of this alchemy in our hearts?  Do we allow ourselves to feel our spiritual hearts?

We often look outward to fulfill these needs and possibly feel let down when the outside cannot provide for us.  The good news is that this essence, this magic is available deep within us and we can make direct contact with it on our own. 

Together, we will go on a mystical journey inside of ourselves touching places we may not have imagined possible in order to discover our hearts voices, longings, and needs. Or perhaps, we know our hearts' energy very well and the time has come to share it with others in a safe environment.

  • Receive guidance and support to easily connect with your precious spiritual heart.

  • Identify useful resources within like compassion, acceptance, softness.

  • See, feel, and hear yourself from the perspective of the heart.  

  • Discover the kind of love you are longing for and cannot find outside.

  • Wake up to your self-love together with others waking up to their own.

  • Gain easy tools and exercises to reunite with your heart, time and time again.

Discover Your Inner Joy:
Let Your Authentic Light Shine

We often talk about our longing for happiness… searching for ways to feel happy, to turn a sad story into a happy one, to put on a smile so others will feel more comfortable.  Most likely the majority of us have said at some point or another that the most important thing in life is to be happy.  Are you experiencing this so-called happiness?  How much of your happiness is dependent on others? In what ways do outside variables like money, relationship status and professional positions dictate your happiness levels? 

What if I told you that you already have this bubbly, alive energy vibrating inside of you?  It’s there; it is simply a question if you allow yourself to experience it, to feel it, and to express it.  This joy, this inner joy, is located deep within the center of your third chakra (energetic point located in the solar plexus) and is always available to you as a resource. Since most of the time our third chakras are busy with the ego, power games, feelings of not being good enough, and so on, we miss out on this joy altogether.

  • Move beyond the illusion of how to be happy and discover your authentic inner joy.

  • Experience your power chakra in a new way, promoting balanced strength and healthy power.

  • Laugh unconditionally like a child, free of judgment, shame and control.

  • Physically feel your energy opening and expanding beyond what you thought was possible. 

  • Increase your happy hormones creating more lightness and forgiveness in your life. 

  • Transform pain into joy, confusion into clarity, difficulty into acceptance and stress into relaxation.

  • Gain simple tools to connect with your endless joy, offering you a new approach to life.

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Inner Joy
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