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Spiritual Guidance

Often there is an immense difference between our everyday reality and our spiritual longings.  How we imagine our life to be and how it actually is are not in harmony.   Part of my work with others is to bridge this gap, so that we can integrate our spiritual approach, our heightened awareness and our meditation practices more easily into our daily lives, work and relations.  Spiritually is relevant in all stages of our lives, not just when we are on a worldly adventure, in a workshop or in a crisis. Each of us deserves this type of loving and supportive attention in our daily routines that are sometimes complicated and confrontational.  Spiritual faith and trust can have a lasting positive affect in how we experience and perceive ourselves, others and the whole of existence.   

  • Receive spiritual guidance that is grounded in your reality.

  • Bridge the gap between your spiritual approach and everyday life.

  • Enhance your spiritual connection, faith and trust for more balanced living.

  • Benefit from a richer lifestyle combining deep-rooted spiritual practices and necessary practicality. 

  • Give yourself the permission to be a radically connected spiritual being.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading

The OSHO Zen Tarot cards are a modern and accessible interpretation of the traditional tarot deck.  Each card is designed, described and illustrated in a way so that the modern man/woman can easily understand and relate to the influential messages they present to us. Each reading is unique and specialized for you and your inquiries along your spiritual path. The tarot mirrors accuracy to us and what is meaningful and important in the here and now.   

  • Become familiar with a modern version of the traditional tarot deck.

  • Experience the depth of the OSHO tarot cards to more accurately understand your experience.

  • Obtain meaningful and insightful messages about any life issue or inquiry.

  • Receive clarity about yourself and your role in the bigger picture.

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