OSHO Chakra Energy Counseling

This unique 7-session process called “OSHO Energy Counseling” is designed for everyone interested in an intimate encounter with their inner world through a series of sessions focused on the psychology of the chakras.
We will travel through each of the energy centers to dissect what is happening inside, to unknown layers we may not notice in our routine lives. 


  • Take a personal journey through your unchartered 7-point chakra energy system.

  • Discover your full potential and immense life energy waiting to come alive. 

  • Identify, dissect and work through limiting beliefs, fears, and unhealthy patterns. 

  • Heal emotional and physical pain through profound emotional release.

  • Learn meditations relating to your various needs, feelings, and longings.

  • Gain useful tools that will help you for a more balanced everyday living experience.

Chakra Energy Counseling is similar to more known techniques such as NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Guided Imagination, and Bioenergetics and is best described as deep emotional release work.  The process of moving from chakra to chakra while noticing helpful resources of each center along the way is an empowering and exciting experience. As part of looking inward, we may also identify unhealthy patterns that of course affect us in our outer experience.  We will find useful and accessible tools for you to practice in your everyday life in order to bring the changes you are longing to implement in your life.

Chakra Energy Reading


​A chakra energy reading is a mysterious journey inward to discover elements of our experience that we do not usually recognize in the physical realm.  A chakra reading is an exceptional tool that provides us with information and insights that make perfect sense.  Through softness and containment, readings present to us fresh information about our direct experience.  A reading of this magnitude is simpler than it sounds and is possible for anyone on a spiritual path. 

  • Experience a mysterious journey inward exposing unknown internal information.

  • Highlight positive qualities and inner resources available to you.

  • Bypass the limited physical realm to discover new insights about any life issue.

  • Discover unknown aspects of our experience with another person.

  • Identify where energy is flowing and where energy is stuck.

  • Gain useful tools and meditations that will offer you a more balanced everyday living experience. 

Relationship Chakra Readings are also available. A reading for 2 is entering into a deep meditation together and then exploring the shared energetic field using the chakra map as our guide.  The reading allows us to more clearly identify what energy exists between the two beings.  A reading is a great way to dissect the difficulty that may linger between the two or give more power to aspects of the relationship that are thriving. 


A relationship reading can be any two people in any type of relationship including partners, family, friends, and co-workers.